Sunday, March 13, 2011

Opening day

Dear Methow Church family, in this blog I want to share with you edifying material that has blessed, taught persuaded or convicted me.  I am hoping that we can all take time each week for personal development and growth in the Lord and our knowledge of Him.  I encourage all of us to take time daily to meditate on the scriptures and commune with the Lord.  I often listen to sermons throughout the week and when I come across a doozy, I will post those here with you in hopes to bless you also.  I do the research and you get the edification.  Of course if you run across something that you think would bless me, please pass it on.  I would appreciate it.
     Just so you know, I don't only listen to people I agree with.  Some of the most powerful sermons on the cross have been delivered by folks with real contrary end times scenarios etc. But I take away from it what I can.  If you catch something that makes you go HuH? let me know and we can discuss it and grow.

     The days we live in are well crafted by the enemy to distract us from our first love.  I hope to be a help in turning our hearts towards Him.

Be Expended to His Glory
Pastor Jason

This is from  K.P. Yohannan.  I hope you will take time to listen or watch, I will try to again, it is a very good message.